Computer Use
Patrick Henry Students Are Encouraged To
Use Technology To Enhance Learning.

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Here Are The Guidelines Our Students Use In Order To Be Safe Online:
1. I will keep my user name and password private.
2. I will login using my own user name and password - not someone else's.
3. I will logoff the computer when I'm finished using it.
4. I will use the internet only for school purposes and not visit inappropriate websites.
5. I will not download anything without permission.
6. I will only save school related work to my file.
7. I will not try to install any program on a school computer.
8. I will only use a computer if I have permission from a teacher.
9. I will not waste paper and ink by printing things I do not need for school work.
10. I will not use any type of chat or instant messaging.
11. I will not harm or destroy any equipment or information on purpose.
12. I will not change any setting on any school computer without permission.



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