Priority Academic Student Skills
Information Literacy
    Standard 1: Student can locate and use information quickly and successfully.
    Standard 2: Student knows the difference between good and bad information.
    Standard 3: Student can use information in creative ways.
    Standard 4: Student can find information on personal interests.
    Standard 5: Student loves to read everything.
    Standard 6: Student wants to read to get more information.
    Standard 7: Student can respectfully work and share in a group .
    Standard 8: Student gives credit when using other people's work.
    Standard 9: Student will work cooperatively in a group.

Instructional Technology
    Standard 1: Student can use basic tools of technology.
    Standard 2: Student is responsible when using technology.
    Standard 3: Student can make something with technology.
    Standard 4: Student can communicate with technology.
    Standard 5: Student can research using technology.
    Standard 6: Student can solve problems and/or make decisions using technology.
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