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Danielle Sinclair named Patrick Henry Support Employee of the Year

Danielle Sinclair has been selected as the 2022-2023 Patrick Henry Elementary Support Employee of the Year!

This is Danielle's second year at Patrick Henry where she works as a pre-K teacher's assistant. In this role, she helps students work on projects, sets up snacks, supervises them at specials, and so much more.

"I find myself helping whenever I can if I see a teacher struggling in the hall or a student looking lost," she said. "This is my community, and these are all our village children. I want to help them be happy children and successful adults."

Danielle's daughter attends Patrick Henry, so she feels even more invested in the school. In fact, her interest in early childhood education started when she was a stay-at-home mom.

"The learning process was so interesting to me that I immersed myself in early childhood education books and processes. I so enjoy working with the littles and helping set them up with a good foundation for their education path. I like to ensure that they like school and have the tools to be prepared students for the coming years."

Danielle said she loves watching the students grow throughout the year.

"Tracking their growth from shy little kernels to full blown popped corn with ideas and theories. When they apply what they have learned it is so wonderful. Remarkable! Also, watching their signature from day one to the last is such a cool tangible thing, I love it!"

She said she is so proud to be part of the Patrick Henry community.

"There are so many wonderful things to say about Patrick Henry and the amazing work the staff here does daily. I think all parents should consider volunteering and or working for TPS if possible. There are so many ways to contribute, and our community really needs the involvement. It takes a village, and it helps you understand your own child. I think it gives you a greater understanding of their education and a better respect for what all the staff and student body do in a day. We can all pitch in and raise up Tulsa and TPS."